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hmmmm... today. This whole weekend. The last week in general. Whoa. So I guess because Cassie decides to know ABSOLUTLY everything(not that it's bad, lol) I started getting myself into something again. And I'm not sure how it's going to end...
Watched 'Garden State' with Deannnna yesterday. SO amazing. Funny as hell(but just how funny is hell?) I was about to like, cry at the end. I loved it. Natalie Portman (sp?) was so good in it.
I had to go to the tooth doctor(well, no one else calls it that!) today. Bah. I was there for about 30213784 hours because my mom had to get some work done on her teeth. So I had a big Cradle of Filth/Reliant K party. (Trudi pointed out just how funny that combonation of bands is)
Went to Cassie's and saw everyone today. I lost my purse so many time... i can be so dumb... Watched 'Hero'. Was kinda dumb, but then I started getting into it. I wanna finish it.
o0o0o0o test I barely studied for. My grades are going to suck this quarter. I have to do gym make-ups, and finish that Gosh-damn photo project. FUCK. Eh, okay. Not gunna stress over it. Maybe I'll just sleep.

Trudi, remember... DON'T DANCE! whatever you do...

Lo...LO!ren...Handsome Pete
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