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So I think I'm giving into the newest trend and getting sick. Hopefully I can try and prevent it.
Weekend was pretty good overall. Your Last Obsession wasn't bad at all, I actually enjoyed it. (No, I'm not just saying that. Mark, Karl, and Justin all know that if they really sucked I'd have no problem telling them so. But they don't, so yay) Went out with Cassie Mark et Karl yesturday, and I was in a bad mood. Sorry guys... Really. Came home, hung with Deanna. Always a good time. I don't see her enough. HEY! YA HEAR ME? I don't see you enough. Probably my fault, but still. Love ya anyways.
Did a whole lotta nothing today basically, on account of the feeling sick thing. Around 6 I went to the Galleria with Karl, Trudi et Mark. Wasn't very crowded. Karl couldn't open the door to his car because it was frozen, and we were all yelling like fucking crazy people. I wonder what the people who saw us were thinking...?Probably "what fucking crazy people." I'm so tired. But I won't be able to sleep. it's Sunday, and Sunday never allows me to sleep. In the words of our not-so-chinese friend by the canal, "fucker. I'm fucking lost."
:: sigh :: I miss summer like whoa.
Until i write again, I leave you with these wise words... "Did you bump my head on a dictonary?"

p.s. accoring to AOL, it's 5 degrees outside. brrrrrr.
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